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Meet Natalie


Natalie Teague, FNP - BC

Nurse Practitioner

Dedication. Expertise. Passion.


With nearly a decade of critical care/trauma nurse experience at a prestigious Level 1 trauma center and then serving her community in Family Medicine, Natalie brings a wealth of knowledge. Her passion is whole-body wellness by providing preventative care in all aspects of your life.


In a nutshell – I spent nearly a decade in the ER/Trauma unit at Parkland Emergency, Level 1 Trauma Center in Dallas, TX. I saw the need for my community to focus more on disease prevention instead of disease management. After years in family medicine, I wanted to do even more for my patients. I want to help men and women get well, live well, and feel confident in how they look by providing hormone optimization, preventative care and alternative medicine. 


A year ago, I went through something very significant in my life that changed the trajectory of my career and life. It truly was God divine meeting and working with my collaborating physician, Dr. Petrik and his invitation to a Hormone Training conference that opened my eyes to what God has planned for me. God has been nonstop working in my life and He has strategically placed me in my current position to help people in a different way than I have before. And I want to honor God and use my gift from Him to help people get well, feel better, & live better by Preventative Wellness, Hormone therapy and integrative medicine. 

We should age gracefully, not accelerated. 


Fun fact: I am a collegiate athlete. I played 4 years of NCAA basketball while getting my BS in Health & Sciences. I was hit by a drunk driver, severely injured, hospitalized and sadly that is what ended my athletic career. But that is the catalyst that sparked my desire to go into healthcare and become a ER nurse and then a Nurse Practitioner! 

Opening Hours
During clinic hours we accept only appointments. Please make an appointment. We currently don't take walk-in appointments at this time, but in the future.

Parties are booked by appointment only.






By Appointment Only

By Appointment Only

10:00 am – 6:00 pm

10:00 am – 6:00 pm

10:00 am – 6:00 pm


"I have always been skeptical of Botox, and definitely thought it was something that was not for me. Natalie and Janna made me feel so comfortable with they're well-informed care that I made the leap. I'm so glad I did! I now live to raise my eyebrows to show people how effective my treatment was, and my forehead wrinkles are no longer an embarrassment to my default smile!"



1640 W Chapman Dr
Suite 250
Sanger, TX 76266




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